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Custom Website Design

We will create a website design that works for your business. Your business, your ideas, your customers.

be highly visible

Mobile Responsive

With more searches being from a mobile device than a desktop, it is essential that your website is easily visible on all devices.

rise to the top

SEO Optimised

Take charge of your ranking and have potential customers see you first. Our SEO strategies are designed to earn your site higher rankings in search results.

Gold Coast North Web Solutions

Brand Identification

Customers need to easily understand what your business is about. All pages need to give a clear focus as to what your business is offering.

  • Are selling a product?
  • Do you provide a consultation/service?
  • Do you provide information?

Mobile Friendly

If your website is not mobile friendly (responsive), that is, it looks different on various devices, customers will simply look for your competitors.

  • Faster page loads
  • Lower Bounce Rates
  • Improved SEO
  • Easily read on all mobile devices

Not All Website Designs Are Created Equal

What Type Of Business Are You?

Regardless of whether you sell accounting services, treat patients, run a pizza restaurant, paint houses, exterminate pests, are a personal trainer, or have any other kind of business where you sell something to someone, your website should engage your customer/client.
Have them click your ‘Button’ to – Make an appointment, checkout your cart, download your information.
You want them to do business with you.
Maybe your customer already knows who you are, but needs to find contact information, or to know your business hours, or to find specific details about the services you offer… failure to provide succinct information in an easy-to-find way will hurt your business.

Which One Is Your Business?

If you are selling a product -

Does your website lead a visitor through to clicking your 'checkout' button?

If you provide a consultation/service -

Does your website lead a visitor through to clicking the ‘Make an appointment’ button?

If you provide information -

Does your website lead a visitor through to clicking the ‘Send me Information’ button?

The ‘Button’ can also be a phone call, an email or a visit to your door.

If the answer is NO for your business.
Ask yourself –

Is my website design just a digital brochure, displaying what we offer?
Does my website actually get me more customers/clients/patients?

If you are still here, then I take it that you are the ‘get me more customers/clients/patients’ type of business.

Now you want know what we do and how can we can make that happen.

To put it simply, we design and build a website that takes a visitor through to one of those ‘buttons’. We provide the solutions to enable visitors to find you in the first place and we also provide the means to ‘spread the word’ about your business, so even more people will do the same.

There, simple!

Well yes, it is a bit more complicated than that, but that is our job and you are too busy doing what you do best to have to know or learn how all the technical stuff is done.

A vitally important part of your web design is your ‘button’.

Better known as a Call to Action (CTA).

This is designed to lead visitors to your website into taking action to engage your services, rather than just viewing what you are providing.

The process to getting you more customers goes like this -

We need to know about you and your team.

Credibility and trust go a long way to getting and retaining customers.

We need to know what it is you provide.

Do you sell products, run a restaurant, rent cars, have a dental clinic, provide financial advice.

We need to know who your customers are.

If you sell classical music instruments your website probably shouldn’t be designed to appeal to heavy metal fans.If you specialise in Paediatrics there is no point having it appeal to those requiring Aged Care.

We need to know where people can find you.

Contact information, phone numbers, email, street address

Are potential customers able to contact you.

Have you checked your contact details to make sure they are up to date. Can they see your phone number and email address.

Customers need to be able to find you.

When a customer searches for your service or product can they see you show up on the google map 'near me' listing.

Where do you appear on Google.

Your business needs to rank highly on search engines so as to be found. Getting onto page one is what SEO is all about.

Is your website Mobile Friendly.

More business is done on mobile devices than on desktops, so your site needs to display correctly on all of them.

We strive to make our clients happy

So, let's be happy together

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